Conversion of Parliamentarism to

Social Fascism:

An Indian Experience




It is more than a quarter century since the CPI(M) led "Left" Front assumed power in West Bengal. In the late 1950s the government of EMS Namboodiripad in Kerala was prominently projected as a model by the revisionist leadership of the united CPI to be followed after the Telengana model of establishing parallel power in villages, uprooting the feudal lords and their agents, was feared, hated and consigned to the back burner. The rise of Khruschevite revisionism preaching the possibility of socio-economic change through peacefully winning majority in Parliament was not only hailed by the U.S. imperialism, it tremendously emboldened the Indian revisionists. The CPI was split and the CPI(M) formed cleverly retaining the Khruschevite model in the Programme with left phrase-mongering. The present CPI (M) with Namboodiripad and a host of revolution-fearing political careerists, the upholders of the Kerala model with left verbiage, bared their fangs by expelling the real communists from the party after the glorious volcanic peasant upsurge in Naxalbari in 1967 forcefully reviving the Telengana model of armed power capture pursuing the Maoist path. The United Front with the CPI (M) as the major constituent despatched state armed forces to crush the peasant struggle in Naxalbari. This was a watershade in the Marxist movement in India. Revisionists in India once decisively changed position to join the state power structure by soaking their hands with the blood of peasants, workers and other sections pitted against the very system of exploitation itself. The present "Left" Front is the culmination of this journey down to hell. Marxism in the hands of these reactionary revisionists has been distortingly reduced to a state-friendly ism. Such pro-rich, pro-imperialist distorted Marxism fits easily in the existing set-up. If the state resorts to brutal coercive measures, it also elicites censent of the people in favour of this rotten system. The CPI (M), CPI, and also the so-called parliamentary Naxalites too help the state in wining people’s support as well as neutralising their militancy against this order.

This booklet is meant for the people and the activists who want a radical change of this existing system. The alternative revolutionary model of Naxalbari has been increasingly developing in many states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, etc. over the past decades. In West Bengal this revolutionary Maoist model has been locked in a real battle against the armed forces of CPI(M)-led "Left" Front Government and the CPI(M) gangsters. Through this prolonged ideological and military battles against the state and its agents, the Maoist model is sure to replace the existing state system by ultimately setting up a socialist system in India. The future of India lies with the dedicated Maoist revolutionaries, not the hypocrat, rotten and careerist CPI(M) type revisionists.


15 August, 2003





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