Conversion of Parliamentarism to

Social Fascism:

An Indian Experience


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The CPM re-established party-to-party relations with the Chinese Party after the E.M.S. Nambordiripad-led delegation reached Peking in April 1983 when de-Maoisation in China was almost complete and capitalist roaders led by Deng Ziao-Ping clique usurped power in China. It was the natural marriage of two reactionary parties pursuing the capitalist path behind the formal signboard of communist party.

During the split in the CPI, the centrist position was theoretically represented by E.M.S Nambordiripad, who said that the big bourgeoisie could not be left out of the people’s democratic revolution. The present CPI(M) position to woo even the big bourgeoisie is actually the continuation of the Nambordiripad line, which had won out during the very formation of the CPM. Nambordiripad in his, ‘A Brief Critical Note’ on the Party Programme Drafts in 1964 unambiguously stated that "No class or stratum as a class is kept out of the front". Bhupesh Gupta who joined the right CPI commented: "Strange as it may appear, Comrade EMS has already in his Note included even the big bourgeoisie within the category of ‘revolutionary class’, by implication, if not directly… His approach here is patently a non-class one and is difficult to reconcile with the Marxist-Leninist standpoint.

After reading comrade EMS’s Note, one will be left wondering if the present stage of Indian revolution is going to be directed at all against any class or social group? According to Comrade EMS’s thesis it all seems to be individual desertions from the ranks for Indian revolution. Against whom the agrarian revolution will be directed? Is it only against some unpatriotic landlords and not the landlord class? …194 The CPM under Jyoti Basu and Buddhadev Bhattacharya has actually applied the EMS line in West Bengal. The CPI(M) in 1977 started as a peti-bourgeois social democratic party (revisionist) and through the politics of moderation and unashamed compromise with the ruling classes, the downward journey over years has transformed it into a party of the Indian ruling classes. In a report published in the CPM mouthpiece Ganashakti it was recorded by Jyoti Basu cheerfully stated that before the elections, out of the 28 industrialists, 22 who said that the Left Front would win, "I told, you all are BJP’s supporters elsewhere but we want Left Front in West Bengal. Because we are in peace here….."195

Disgraceful Opportunism : CPI(M) openly leans on the shoulders of Congress(I)

In their calculated bet the CPI(M) leaders now consider an allliance with the Congress(I) as the best bet to win some seats in the ensuing elections. Mr. Jyoti Basu recently declared at a commemorative meeting for Murzaffar Ahmad that "his party has no hesitation in supporting the Congress in the non-left ruled states....". The CPM will now play a second fiddle to the Congress(I) in Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh and Delhi in the coming elections in the name of keeping out the BJP.

(The Statesman, 13 August, 2003)

The message is self-explanatory. The "Left" Front has not only spread the red carpet to the MNCs and Indian compradore big bourgeoisie for investment in West Bengal, the Front cabinet has decided to allow private purses for infrastuctural development.196 And now, at the end of May 2003, R.P.Goenka and other captains of big industries in India accompany CPM chief Minister Buddhadeb to Italy to convince the industrialists over there to set foot on West Bengal, a happy hunting ground for extracting surplus.197 For ruling class parties all such endeavours are quite natural.

The foregoing criticism and exposure of the parliamentary Marxists is never the end of this survey. If there is the monstrous fascist fang of the CPI(M) ruled "Left" Front there is also an increasingly powerful force on the Indian map clinging to the revolutionary ideals of Marxism to make history, a history against parliamentarism and institutionalization by establishing a revolutionary alternative power. It is the Maoist path of People’s war, a protracted war against this semi-colonial, semi-feudal system. The Naxalbari uprising in 1967 forcefully brought forward the alternative revolutionary model against the so-called ‘Left’ Front model highlighted by the CPI(M), CPI and such revisionist parties. The CPI(ML)(People’s War) now stands at the forefront of a resistance movement in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and many other states. The People’s Gurrilla Army has come up. In the areas where people’s power has been established, new production relations also have come into being through genuine land reforms. The alternative power for which thousands of Marxists in India sacrificed their lives has been developing against the stiff armed opposition of this existing state. Thousands of precious lives of dedicated communists have been lost in the battles for the red power on India. The revisionists like the CPM, have now turned social fascist. In West Bengal, the CPI(M) led government has now unleashed a reign of terror on the struggling peasant masses in parts of Bankura, Midnapur, Hooghly and some other districts. Even while letting loose such brutal repression, the CPI(M) never forgets to project the parliamentary path of providing "relief to the people" and the so-called mainstream politics. The CPI(ML)(PW) boycotts elections, prepares the masses for the revolutionary path, rectifies its mistakes, readies itself more vigorously in a planned way to cope with the powerful armed state machinery and its illusory image of a democratic state based on electoral politics. The CPI(M)(PW) has been carrying on an unremitting struggle against the distortion of Marxism by the parties like CPI(M), CPI, etc. It exposed the reactionary character of the CPI(M) which has now turned into a social-fascist organization through its prolonged stay in the government, pursuing the policy of trampling democratic rights of the people, throttling all the militant voices against this reactionary government, through shameless capitulation to the MNCs, World Bank, Comporadore bourgeoise, big land owning sections, etc. through putting the revolutionary activists behind the bars, by resorting to frequent gunning down of workers and other protesting people. This CPI(M) cannot even tolerate the opposition of the "Left" Front partners like the CPI, RSP, FB, etc. The last Panchayat elections clearly showed how a revisionist party, distorting Marxism, could be so violent and what social fascism is all about. Social fascists target their attacks basically on revolutionary Marxism, they can not even tolerate the mild opposition of the forces in their own stream.

This institutionalised Marxism of the CPI(M), CPI, etc. in the post-1947 period has shown no qualms in collaborating with the Congress Party of Nehru, Indira and now Sonia Gandhi in the name of opposing right reaction. With their blatant shamelessness they also joined directly and indirectly with the BJP and its earlier version Jan-Sangha creating the same smokescreen of a mock-fight with the Congress misrule. For the unsullied love of parliamentary politics, on the occasion of each and every election at the state or the central level such social democrats plunge into the fray with the same old argument that defeating their electoral adversary(ies) can alone save the nation. Enough is enough. The common people have been largely disillusioned with the actual motives of such parties under the Marxian signboard. They cry for the alternative and the growing alternative model of an armed red power in various parts of India will ultimately uproot the monstrous monument of sham represented by the reactionary central and state governments in India.

The 26 years of the ‘Left’ Front has dragged the CPI(M) to duck in the filth of massive corruption, consumerism, nepotism, womanising, money-minting, hobnobbing with industrialists, landlords, contractors, promoters and what not. The CPI(M) leaders at different levels can not be distinguished from the functionaries of the Congress(I), TMC. BJP etc. For its nefarious acts of swimming in the cosy parliamentary politics and carrying on the so-called "Left" Front Government the CPI(M) has been degrading and degrading with increasingly clearer face of a social fascist. Such social fascism has now positioned itself to drown people’s militant movement to change this system in blood bath. Such social fascists have proved their skill to the Indian state during the Naxalbari upsurge and now in the blazing fields of Midnapur, Bankura, Hooghly etc. The flourishing new model shall gradually throw it off into the dustbin of history.

This booklet is actually an endeavour in a small way to refute the tall claims of the CPI(M) and its allies projecting the "Left" Front as people’s government. No government in India under any sign board can ensure basic needs of the people functioning in an acutely crisis ridden situation. The path of Naxalbari is the only path to build up a new India free from exploitation and plunder of imperialism, comprador big bourgeosie, landlords and other exploiters.

Long Live Naxalbari !

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism !

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