Conversion of Parliamentarism to

Social Fascism:

An Indian Experience


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The CPI(M) Sings the BJP Tune

Politics in West Bengal, in other words parliamentary monkey dance in West Bengal has been a recipe for gossiping and laughing to any interested person . The stage is now set for the roles of hypocrats, swindlers, prowling hunters, demagogues and others and what is notable is that everybody shows his/her acumen in changing roles. Among the actors/actresses Buddhadev towers over all with his CPM brand of cunningness, appeasement and flirt with ruling classes. Mr. Bhattacharya had to slip into suit shirking Bengaliness he is so much proud of to be the guest in honour-among the industrial barons in Mumbai Taj Mahal hotel and then in Italy. Such unabashed entreaties to the captains of industries for business venture in West Bengal were even naggingly nauseating to the journalists accompanying him. Now a past muster in stooping too low, Mr. Bhattacharya’s uninterrupted assurance about tamed working class under the "Left" Front rule fell on the deaf ears of captains of industries, who have grown an obstinate fear and disgust for the workers in West Bengal. In a role change, this "sorry sir" C.M. has developed a profound love for Advani. Bhattacharya is ever ready to pose as Advani’s trusted man on the question of Madrasas as supposedly breeding ground of Islamic terrorism; on the migration of Muslims to West Bengal from Bangladesh, on the ISI sponsored terrorism and what not .

After his one-to-one meeting with Advani, Buddadev Bhattacharya joined the BJP chorus against the cliched and baised propaganda of Bangladeshi Muslims entering India. The top brass of the CPI(M) Mr. Anil Biswas lent his whole hearted support to the C.M. shamelessly stating "we are always against infiltration."

(Sanbad Pratidin, 12 July, 2003)

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