Conversion of Parliamentarism to

Social Fascism:

An Indian Experience


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On BJP – CPM collaboration

The All India BJP President Venkaiah Naidu held a brief for Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya in an interview during the recent disturbance before the panchayat polls in West Bengal. In reply to the reporters, question Mr. Naidu told "Buddhadeb babu is a cultured person. But does his writ run in the party ? Who does not know his opinion on POTA ? But could he implement it in his state ? He is quite aware of the fact that subversive acts are being carried on in many illegal Mardrasas, and he wants to take stern steps in this regard." (Ananda Bazar Patrika, 24 April, 2003)

Already in 2002 Buddhadeb roared against Madrashas and insisted on enforcing POTA like draconian measures in West Bengal. For all such acts he received kudos from the BJP Government at the Centre. Tathagata Roy, the WB State chief of BJP told a television channel on 31 May that Advani’s "close relationship" with W.B. Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattachrya had become embarrassing for the state BJP leadership. (The Telegraph, 2 June, 2003)

Buddha calls up Advani, says sorry for attack by CPM activists on Tapan Siddar ,Union Minister of the BJP, on 6th May, 2003. Last month too Buddhadev dialed to Advani expressing concern over pre-Panchayat violence. (May 7, 2003, Hindustan Times)

More than that Mr.Tapan Sikdar the very next day, from a Nursing Home where he was admitted "praised Bhattacharja’s and CPM state leadership’s post attack respons as well as their efforts at fixing responsibility for that incident." Sikdar said, "I am extremely happy at Buddhababu’s expression of concern and the way he has gone about ordering stern measures against the culprits." Further that, "I have collected the names of a few attackers which I shall pass on to him and (State CPM secretary) Anil Biswas. I have no doubt that they will take proper action…"(The Telegraph, 7 May, 2003)


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