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January 2005

Vol. 6, No. 1




While Ruling Classes squabble; Maoists seek to Unify all Oppresses Masses



Farmers in great distress

Back to Square One: Reenactment of Fascist Raj in AP

POTA in a New Form

The New Year Holds Promises of Still Greater Victories

Condemn Dastardly Attack on Ngugi wa Thiong’o and wife Njeeri in Kenya

Advance of People’s War in Nepal !

Bhopal: Corporate Terrorism & Genocidal  Imperialism

Fight Back the Proposed New Patent Act

Masses Bare Burden of Oil Price

Veerappan – A Bandit who turned as a Rebel against state



US Elections, Iraq War & Economic crisis




A Fitting Reply to the Bhavanipur Massacre

The Struggle by Revolutionaries in Chennai and Vellore Prisons in Tamilnadu

Rallies to Celebrate the Formation of CPI (Maoist) Brutally Attacked by the Police



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