Volume 6, No. 1, January 2005


The New Year Holds Promises Of Still Greater Victories



The people of West Bengal are witness to an amusing drama that is being staged on the political scenario of West Bengal since the PLGA formed by the CPI(Maoist) triggered landmine blasts at Kokrajhorein Belpahari of the Midnapore West on December 5, blowing up three guest houses in the process. In one sense it is unique as it contains elements of both a tragedy and a comedy. It is a sad tragedy for the oppressive Indian state and its political representatives of West Bengal. It is a comedy for the long-suffering people of Bengal.

The blast was so sudden and unexpected that the whole state machinery was at a loss what to do. A fear-psychosis has gripped them— a terrible fear— the fear of losing their lives, losing their control over vast areas, the fear that this man-eating system they had set up over the ages and which they regard to be eternal and invincible, was now faced with the prospect of doom. This sudden realisation has made them mad and hysteric and the situation in which they have been driven to is manifested in their statements. The top police officials are trying hard to count the total number of armed guerrillas engaged in the operation. It could be anything between 60 and 200, consisting of both men and women and armed with sophisticated weapons. The Dainik Statesman reports (6-12-2004) that the police forces have been terribly frightened since the incident. In reply to the question why the police reached the place 18 hours after the incident, Amit Kiran Deb, Home Secretary, Govt. of WB, replied rather amusingly that the blast had caused no deaths, and the delay was tactical as the police would have to be sure that they would not be blown up again by landmines on the way. So it is the blast of landmines that has made the state machinery tremble in fear. The DG of Police, Shyamal Datta was supposed to visit the site, but refrained from doing so for reasons best known to him. Instead, he held a meeting at Midnapore police headquarters and during the press conference, expressed their inability to deal with the guerrillas who attacked them from the rear, not from the front (Dainik Statesman, 8-12-2004).

Such a poor fellow, this DG of police !! He seems to be totally unaware of the Maoist guerrilla strategy and tactics that the revolutionary forces should always attack the enemy in places and at times where and when the enemy least expect to be attacked. We would advise the police forces to have serious lessons in the Maoist strategy and tactics before making such foolish comments in future. If one can read the situation right, many more such surprises are lying in store for the demoralised police and para-military forces.

One or two years back, if we can remember right, the WB Govt. seemed to convince themselves that the erstwhile PW and MCCI activists who had been indulging in anti-State activities, were coming from Andhra Pradesh. Now they have discoverd that the Maoists from Nepal were also probably involved in such attacks. This is evident from the statement made by Jogesh Chatterjee, the IG of Police, Western range :" We suspect that some of the Nepal Maoists were also present that night."(Hindustan Times, 7-12-2004). The WB Govt. and its state machinery still seemed unprepared to accept the reality that guerrilla fighters could emerge from the sons of the soil, from the vast multitude of the oppressed and starving masses of Midnapore, Bankura, Purulia and other areas. If they are not prepared to admit this, then we will not quarrel at this stage. Meanwhile, we will have more additions to the amusing drama that is being played on the political stage of WB. Let us get prepared to hear from the government some day that since the Maoist guerrillas are active also in Peru, so the Peruvian Maoists are also involved in the landmine attacks in WB.

Most interesting is the response of the Chief minister of WB. Actually, he did not respond, or failed to respond, apart from organising hasty meetings with his top police officials in his otherwise busy schedule with his imperialist masters. The usually talkative Buddhadev, who some time ago threatened the erstwhile PW and MCCI guerrillas with State repression, is now mum and speechless. Perhaps the PLGA have brought sleepless nights for him. Let him remain speechless for as many days as he chooses.

No less amusing is the reaction of the CPI(Marxist)— the ruling party and the most trusted stooge of the ruling classes in WB. In an editorial(Ganashakti, 7-12-2004) — the mouthpiece of the party— the CPM, in a conspicuously feeble voice, seemed to convince the people that ‘People’s War Liberation Army’ is trying to create an ‘atmosphere of terror to make their existence felt’, that it is anti-development and anti-people. It stated that with the improvement of communication network, toursim in that area would receive an automatic boost, thereby strengthening the local economy. However, the Maoists are opposed to it. The same view is expressed also by the IGP, Western Range (The Statesman, 7-12-2004). The CPM and the police on the same platform are adding more interesting scenes to the ongoing drama !!

Why did the PLGA blast down the guest houses ? The leaflets they left behind justified the blasts sayiing that "the guest houses had become centres of flesh-trade"(The Statesman, 6-12-2004). Why is the WB Govt. in such a hurry to build a road from Odolchua to Kokrajhore when these regions remained neglected for decades under CPM rule ? They are doing it not to bring about any improvement in the living conditions of the people, but for the steady movement of the police and para-military forces to suppress the ongoing revolutionary struggles. What about the so-called atmosphere of terror’? Who have created terror ? Who have been oppressing and persecuting people and destroying people’s property ? Who have been trying to crush any form of criticism and opposition to the government and the State with their police force and armed party hoodlums and lumpens ? The so-called ‘terror’, which Ganashakti deplores, is in response to the white terror the the State machinery and the CPM party that have spread in the countryside. It is the revolutionary Red Terror to counter the counter-revolutionary white terror— the Red Terror hailed by Mao in 1927 in his Hunan Report and throughout the period of revolutionary struggles.

In reality, a spectre is haunting the Indian ruling classes — the spectre of a People’s War. This war is to be led by the revolutionary party of the people — the Communist Party of India (Maoist) by unleashing the creativity of the masses and forging unity among the peasants, workers, petty bourgeoisie, national capitalists and other toiling people oppressed for ages. It is the politically-conscious People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army or the ‘People Armed’ — led by the CPI(Maoist) that would make India free from feudal oppression and imperialist domination. The great and valiant people of India and the revolutionary party and army without which the people have nothing, would have to counter and defeat not only the Indian State machinery, but also their imperialist masters. A glorious, new dawn will certainly break out over our beloved motherland — the dawn which the people of India have been dreaming for a long, long time. It will entail tremendous human sufferings and sacrifices. The dream which inspired our revolutionary forefathers to initiate the Naxalbari struggle in 1967 under the leadership of Charu Majumdar will truly become a reality in the days to come. The New Year truly holds the promise of still greater victories.





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