Volume 6, No. 1, January 2005


A Fitting Reply to the Bhavanipur Massacre


With the Nov.24, 2004 ambush in UP, killing 17 police personnel on the spot, the ruling classes have gone into a panic. Barely 70kms from Varanasi, the newspapers began clamouring that the Maoists are now nearing the Capital. In this ambush, under Naugadh police station in Chandauli district, 13 PAC jawans and four police were killed, including the incharge of the Chandraparbha police station. This action occurred at 7.30 in the morning, 5 kms away from the Chandraprabha dam. The police van was totally destroyed and the guerrilla forces retreated with 5 SLRs, 2 LMGs, an AK-47, grenades and bullets.

This ambush was a retaliation against the massive combing and police terror in the region. In fact two days earlier Maoist guerrillas of the CPI(Maoist) had killed two policemen and a forest officer during an armed encounter. They also blew up the Dak Bunglow of the forest officials. As a result of this new offensive, the I.G. of police of that zone together with the police commissioner themselves began leading the new combing operations; both of whom escaped by a hairís breath during the ambush on Nov.20. In fact the police van that was hit was not moving alone; it was part of a convoy with three other vans with police from the police stations of Maugalsarai, Chaandauli and Saithdaraja. None of these vans dared to take on the Maoists and immediately fled the scene. To rebuild the moral of the mercenary forces the UP police Chief, B.K.Nayyar, promised Rs.5 lakhs each to the families of the deceased plus a job for one member of the family.

The bourgeois media complained that the Maoist guerrillas carried out this action with clockwork precision. They said that the administration of the region was already alerted due to the spread of the Maoist influence in the area. Besides the PAC, six companies of the CRPF were also stationed in the area. The media claimed that the Maoists were running a parallel government in 250 villages in the districts of Chandrauli, Sonbhadra and Mirzapur, and that their influence was spreading to Gajipur, Banda, Chitrakoot, Devariaya and Ballia. This whole region borders Bihar, Jarkhand and Chattisgarh. It was to put and end to the terror unleashed on the people by the police and para-military forces that the Maoist guerrillas hit back.

Also, it must not be forgotten that over three years back, in this very region, the police brutally massacred sixteen peasants belonging to the Krantikari Kisan Committee of the then MCC. On March 9, 2001 in Bhavanipur village of Mirzapur district they dragged out members of the KKS who had gathered as part of a wedding celebration in the village, and brutally murdered them. One Mahilla comrade, Kanchan, who had come from the neighbouring village to campaign for the International Womenís Day programme was dragged away by the police never to be seen again. Besides the one agentís house in the village the police terrorized the entire village beating them like animals. Not even the old, women and children were spared. Expensive items from their houses were looted. Even the dead bodies were not given to the families but whisked away by the police without identification.

In that incident, what was surprising was the fact that the CPI(ML)Liberation, which has a presence in that area, said not a word in condemnation. Ever since then, for over three years the police and landed interests have been running amuck against the oppressed masses and the revolutionary activists. It is not surprising the retaliation took place to curb the atrocities.





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