Publisher’s Note

This book, developed from a series of articles written in People’s March over the last few years, by the author, delves into the dynamics of Globalisation in India. It deals, not only with its devastating economic impact, but also with its impact on the socio-political life of the country.

Over the last 12 years, Globalisation and economic reforms has affected every aspect of the lives of the people. The entire media has hailed it as the only method for India to get out of stagnation. It is eulogized, praised, and even the critiques present it as though there is no alternative to it (the TINA effect). While some are openly servile, others become apologists of globalisation. All the parliamentary political formations also bend over backwards to either please or appease it. There is rarely a dissenting voice to be heard in the main-line media.

While many books and analysis by progressives are available on the worldwide impact of globalisation, there is not a single one detailedly outlining its impact on our country. However, for us citizens of India it is this that is of prime importance, as it influences all aspects of our daily lives. And with the web of lies promoted by the media blitzkrieg on the subject it is difficult to decipher facts from fiction, and understand its true character.

It is for this reason that our publishing house sent letters to numerous progressive intellectuals and organisations, requesting a book on the subject. Finally, we received this response from the office of People’s March.

Though a little lengthy, this books tries to delve into all major aspects of the impact of globalisation. It pin-points that it is imperialism in general, and globalisation in particular, that is one of the main causes preventing the development of the country and its people. It shows that it is imperialism that has prevented a democratic transformation in the country, as happened in their own countries. It shows that it is imperialism, and its present globalisation avtar, that allies with all that is reactionary in the country, particularly the archaic semi-feudal relations, that keeps our vast rural masses in backwardness, poverty, and stagnation.

We hope that this book will be of value to all citizens of our country, who sincerely desire progress, an end to the acute poverty, and a truly free and independent country. We request you to send your views, criticisms and any additional details, that may help enrich it.

Oct.1, 2002                                                                               New Vistas Publication






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