An Attack on India's Sovereignty



Publisher Note


               Why Globalisation?


               Dynamics of Globalisation in India & the Comprador Bureaucrat Class

I. History of Foreign penetration in India

               (i) Pre-Globalisation Period

               (ii) Seeds of Globalisation

               (iii) The Big Leap

II. Traitorous Policies of India’s Ruling-classes

               (i) Congress(I) Initiation

               (ii) The UF Capitulation

               (iii) The BJP’s Outright Sell-Out

III. Globalisation = Huge Foreign Investments

               (i) Foreign Direct Investment

               (ii) Portfolio Investments

               (iii) Foreign Debt Trap

IV. The Financial Attack

               (i) TNC Take-over of Indian Industry

               (ii) The Compradors, as Vehicles for Foreign Capital

                       (a) Info-tech

                       (b) Reliance

                       (c) The Tatas

                       (d) The Birlas

                       (e) Other Comprador houses

                       (f) The NRIs

V. The Trade Syndrome

               (i) Growth in Foreign Trade

               (ii) Nature of Exports & Imports

               (iii) The Trade Deficit & BoP

               (iv) From Dunkel to Doha

               (v) The New Slave Trade

VI. Rural Stagnation

               (i) History

               (ii) Globalisation and Agriculture

               (iii) Impact of Globalisation on Rural Sector

                       (a) Flood of Imports

                       (b) Low Agricultural Investment

                       (c) Dismantling of The PDS

VII. Disinvestments or Sale of India’s Assets

               (i) Back-door Entry

               (ii) The Oil Rush

               (iii) The Disinvestments Mania

VIII. State Govt.’s Entanglement

               (i) Davos & GIM

               (ii) Structural Adjustments at State Level

               (iii) Dismantling of SEBs

IX. The Foreign Loot

X. Industrial Stagnation & Economic Retrogression

               (i) Massive Unemployment

               (ii) Threat to Small-scale Sector

               (iii) The Home Market

               (iv) Backwardness, Inevitable Product of Globalisation

XI. Political Enslavement

               (i) Law of the land sabotaged

               (ii) The political Parties

                       (a) Saffron Combine’s Fake Swadeshi

                       (b) Revisionist CPI/CPM’s Sham Anti-imperialism

               (iii) NGO Factor

XII. State Machinery Enmeshed in Imperialist Ties

               (i) Growing US-India-Israel Military Axis

               (ii) Growing internal security ‘co-operation’

               (iii) Making India a link in the US Foreign-Policy Chain

               (iv) India Expansionism

               (v) The Growing Fascist State

XIII. Impact on the various Classes

               (i) Workers

               (ii) Peasants

               (iii) Urban Middle-classes

               (iv) National Bourgeoisie

XIV. Impact on Various Social Groups

               (i) Women

               (ii) Dalits

               (iii) Tribals

               (iv) Minorities

               (v) Nationalities

XV. Social & Cultural Impact of Globalisation

               (i) Poverty

               (ii) Welfare Measures

                       (a) Health Care

                       (b) Education

               (iii) The Rich & Powerful

               (iv) Infusion of Imperialist and Feudal Culture

XVI. People for a Free India

               (i) Peoples’ Demands

               (ii) United Peoples’ Front

               (iii) Attitude Towards various Parties

               (iv) Economy of Self-reliance

               (v) Politics of Seizure of Power


               NGOs: In the Service of Imperialism


               Imperialism And NGOs In Latin America


               The World Bank & India


               The Bank-India Relations [1944-1994]




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