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New Vistas is a non-profit Publishing House that seeks to promote all progressive and revolutionary literature. It stands on the side of the oppressed and exploited millions of our country. It publishes books, booklets, etc at cost price and survives on the assistance of well-wishers who help with bulk purchases and donations. New Vistas is prepared to publish any book, which has depth to it, is based on analysis and stands on the side of the poor.

So far we have published about 24 books/booklets; and we also distribute revolutionary/progressive books and magazines of other publishing houses. Below we print a list of books/booklets being sold by us, which includes our own publications as well as those by other publishing houses. Most of the books printed are in English and Hindi, but a few are in the other Indian languages.

Do visit our stalls and discover a wide range of revolutionary literature.

You can also contact us at our telephone numbers for immediate inquiries:

For New Vistas Publications:


Ph. 0989 9487859,

U-57, Shakarpur, Delhi-110092, India,




 Books Published by New Vistas Publications

Book Name Rs. $
Globalisation: An Attack on India’s Sovereignty  100  10

Selected Articles of Mao Tse-tung



WSF : Dissent or Diversion?



CPM — An Imperialist Agent in Pro-people Garb



History of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism



Marxist Philosophy: An Introduction  75  10
The Raging Flame of Naxalbari  40  5
The Revolutionary Women’s Movement in India  15   3
Economic Crisis, War and Revolution  30  4
Prostitution is Sexual Violence  5  2

Women in the Chinese Revolution



New Peoples Power in Dandakaranya



30 Years of Naxalbari : An Epic of Heroic Struggle and Sacrifice  30  4


 Other Books Available

Book Name Rs. $
Shashtras (Marxist Approach)  25  4
The Menace of Hindu Fascism 15


Selected Works of Mao Tsetung, Vol. IX  80


Dictatorship of the Proletariat (Q/A)  15


Remembering the Chinese Revolution  15


Conversion of Parliamentarism to Social Fascism: An Indian Experience

 40  5
Post-modernism Today: A Brief Introduction  50  6

We request all those who are interested in progressive and revolutionary literature to, not only visit our stall, but assist our Publishing House in whatever way possible. Primarily we request assistance in the form of translations from English to Hindi. Any other form of assistance will also be welcomed.

Please spread the word about these publications among friends, so that more people come in touch with the real situation and struggles in India and the world.

New Vistas Publications


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