Post-modernism Today

A Brief Introduction







 1.  Introduction

 2.  What Post-modernists/Post-structuralists claim

 3.  Structuralism

 4.  Post-modernism/Post-structuralism: A Total Rejection of Post-Renaissance Development

 5.  Critique of Post-modernism/Post-structuralism

 6.  Linguistic idealism of Post-structuralism/Post-modernism

 7.  Critique of The Dangerous Ideas of "Death of History And Ideology"

 8.  Cultural Studies The Tunnel View

 9.  On Power

10. Totality

11. Difference

12. Anti-revolutionary Discourse Theory

13. Critique of Colonial Discourse Analysis

14. Against Unilinear View

15. Cause and Effect and Idealist Critique of Post-modernists/Post-structuralists

16. Post-Modern Negative Impact On The Study Of Science

17. Post-modernism/Post-Structuralism, A New Fad

18. Post-modernism: A Romantic Petty-Bourgeois Exercise Dumping Rationality and Practice

19. Conclusion

Select References




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