Publisher’s Note

The emergence of Marxism marked a turning point in the history of human civilization. All positive aspects, which were achieved in the course of development of human civilization till then, were appropriated and synthesized by Marx and Engels. And this resulted in the emergence of Marxism — the Proletarian world outlook.

It is the proletarian world outlook which declare that the task of philosophy is not only to interpret the world but to change it. So it explained the laws of development of nature and society, analysed how to change society, put forward the great importance of social practice and clearly indicated the very orientation of class-struggle which would ultimately lead to the establishment of classless society. The world proletariat was thus armed with the scientific world outlook, and a revolutionary orientation was imparted to the movement of the working class and other exploited classes.

The practice of Marxism throughout the world helped intensify the world proletarian movement and this science of revolutionary class-struggle became a mighty social force. In the course of development of revolutionary class-struggle. This science has further developed in accordance with the ever-changing condition of the world from Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Naturally, since its inception Marxism has had to face all sorts of offensive measures unleashed by the ruling-exploiting classes and their states throughout the world. These ruling classes not only resort to violence to suppress the struggles guided by this revolutionary science, they also tried, in vain, to repudiate and distort it. Withstanding and countering all these offensive measures it has been developed through ups and downs. After the setback in the Socialist Republic of China there was a short spell of confusion and bewilderment within the international communist movement. But vindicating its vitality it reasserted itself. And since the 1980s it has been advancing with renewed vigour.

Considering its paramount importance this brief outline of M-L-M is published. It is also intended to publish in near future an outline of Marxist Philosophy and Political economy.

Hope, this will help those who want to understand this science and put this science into practice. Readers’ comments, opinions and suggestions are invited, as those will help improve this book further.

April 2002                                                                               New Vistas Publication






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