Economic Crisis, War and Revolution



In this third edition of the booklet "Economic Crisis War and Revolution" we add three more articles taken from the People’s March website. The first two appeared in the June 2003 issue of the magazine while the last appeared in the January 2004 issue of that magazine.

International developments are taking place at such speed, that there have been major developments since this booklet first appeared in early 2002. So, there is need to update events. Yet most of the predictions made in that first article are coming out to be true. Primarily the fact that this economic crisis is deeper than any other in the post World War II scenario has proved to be correct. Also that this will lead to growing contention amongst the imperialist powers, with greater possibilities of wars, has turned out correct. In March 2003 US imperialism aggressed on Iraq. It then immediately threatened North Korea, Syria and Iran. Temporarily bogged down in Iraq due to the heroic resistance of its people, it is at present, quiet on other military fronts. But its aggressive policies are bound to continue, particularly as its economic crisis deepens.

We hope these four articles will help the reader get a better insight into the fast changing world events, in order to understand the dynamics of what is taking place, and therefore how best to face it. We welcome comments and any suggestions that will help better the analysis for future editions.

New Vistas Publications

January 15, 2004





Economic Crisis, War & Revolution                          Arvind

Synchronised Sinking

Recession and War

Worldwide Impact

US in Shambles

Japan : Dark Clouds Sans Silverlining

Europe Limping Along

Russia, CIS, & East Europe : United we fall

East Asia gets pneumonia as America Sneezes

Some Backward Countries in deep Trouble

India : Stagnation Continues



The Great Oil Robbery                                                Rajan

Oil, A Major Tool for Domination

The Arms Industry

A War of Currencies

Oil, A Weapon for World Hegemony & Source for Huge Profits

World Recession and the Iraq War                          Arvind

Imperialist Crisis and War

Growing World Recession

Crisis in the US Economy

Dollar Hegemony & the Rise of the Euro

Geo-politics of War

Military Solution to an Economic Crisis

‘Shock and Awe’ do not Frighten the People of the World


World, a Boiling Cauldron                                         Arvind 

Deepening Economic Crisis

Growing Scramble for Markets

Militarisation And Growing Contention

Crisis Pushes Burden on to the Backs of Backward Countries

What Then is the Answer







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