An Imperialist Agent in Pro-people Garb

Globalization and ‘Left’ Front Government — A Fact-sheet




Publisher’s Note


This booklet contains a presentation of facts regarding the economic and other policies of the CPM-led government of West Bengal. Notwithstanding all their rhetoric against imperialism/globalisation, this booklet brings out how faithfully the CPM is implementing the policies of the IMF/WB/WTO combine in one of the States that they run.

At the ground level it is apparent that the economic policies of the West Bengal government differs little from that of other State governments or the Centre. This booklet will, no doubt, act as an eye-opener to all progressives and anti-imperialist forces that are unaware of the facts that lie below CPM propaganda. We hope that this booklet will help strengthen the anti-imperialist movement in the country by enabling us to distinguish real friends from fake ones.


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