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April 2006

Vol. 7, No. 4




May Day Call

International Call

Proposal to Celebrate Historic Milestones in Struggle Against Modern Revisionism since 1956

Press Statement

Racist Cartoons of Prophet Mohammad are Deleberate Conspiracy of Imperialists to Denigrade the Muslim Community

Message from CC(P) CPI(Maoists) on the 10th Annivarsary of Initiation of Peoples War in Nepal

Communist Party of India (Maoist) strongly condemns the imposition of Emergency in Philippines

Heroic Raid on Girdhi Armoury


Humiliating Bush Visit : Pushes India into the Arms of US Octopus

Crisis, War, Fascist Terror & Great Revolutionary Opportunities

FDI Crazy Budha Govt. of West Bengal


Union Budget Favouring Comprador and Rich with lip service to Poors


Bird Flu Hype & the Gigantic Indian Poultry Market

The Saga of Clemenceau Lives of Workers at Ransom



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