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Feburary 2006

Vol. 7, No. 2




Jail Break, Armoury Raid & Dynamics of Peoples War


President Bush’s Visit to India : A Commnet

Sitaram Yechuri Tries to Deceive

The Hoax of Energy Security

WTO 6th Ministerial Conference: Further Sell-Out to Imperialists


Horrendous situation of Civil and Human Rights in Andhra Pradesh Rule of the Law is evaporated in the State


Special Report

Rural India : Reeling Under Death

In India’s ‘Richest’ State, Death & Starvation Stalk the Countryside



The Great Indian Sell Out : Traitorous Policies of Indian Rulers

More Foreign Takeover of Indian Industry



Press Statement

Stop State Terror Against Maoist of India


Iran the New Flash Point

Extracts of a report sent from Bangladesh by the CPEB (ML) Red Flag





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