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December 2005

Vol. 6, No. 11




The Historic Jehanabad Jail Break


Indian expansionists and their wild Aspirations


 Delhi Bomb Blasts Undermine the People’s Cause

Starvation in Left’s’ Oasis

Report on Seminar on Relevance of Maoism


Special Report

Barbaric Terror in the Name of  "Saalva Judum"

Extracts from the Open Letter from Chhattisgarh PUCL on ‘Saalva Judum"

Massive Mining contracts Demands Ruthless Attacks on Naxalites



Press Statement

Hail the historic politico-military campaign in Jehanabad by the PLGA led by the CPI(Maoist)! Mobilise the masses in a big way to intensify and expand the people’s war in India!!



Flare Up in France

CHIAPAS: Potentials & Limitations



To Comrade Karam Singh (KS)




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