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March 2005

Vol. 6, No. 3




Widespread Enthusiasm for the new Party; Deep Fear in the Hearts of the Reactionaries & Revisionists



Acquittal for the Murderers of Niyogi

Condemn Brutal Attack on Geelani

Life Sentence to 5 Innocent Adivasis
in Mahrashtra

Expose, Resist and Defeat the Plans
of UPA’s New Offensive War

Fraud of the Employment Guarantee  Scheme

Arousing the Spirit of Rebellion



Maad People Celebrate Formation of CPI(Maoist)



China: Maoists Get Prison Sentences for Leafleting

Rising Tide of the Working class Struggle in Germany




Cover Story

Hail the People’s War in Nepal !



Hail the Heroic Martyrdom of Com. Saketh Rajan (Prem) and Com. Shivalingu (Arun)!





on the occasion of

International Women’s Day


MARCH 8TH International Women’s Day; 2005

Women ! Awake, Arise and Struggle

Campaign Against Patriarchy

I Will Take Revenge From My Place

Rape: As an Instrument of State Repression in Nepal

How Militaryily Equipped are Women Guerillas?




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