Volume 5, No. 2-3, February-March 2004


Condemn Illegal Deportation of top Maoist Leaders to Nepal

On the evening of Feb.8 2004 the Indian police arrested three comrades from a house in Delhi. Without following any legal norms they were deported to Nepal the same night. The three deported were: Matrika Prasad Yadav (PBM and Chief of Tarai Regional Govt), Suresh Ale Magar(CCM and Convener,WPRM,SA), and Upendra Yadav.

It is apparent that RAW, in league with Nepali intelligence, is working overtime to crush the just struggle of the Nepali people for a genuine democratic system. As part of its expansionist policies in South Asia the Indian ruling classes are intervening in the internal affairs of the Nepali people in order to protect their huge economic interests in that country. Crushing the Maoist upsurge in that country has become the cornerstone to Indian expansionist in Nepal. The India masses must ally with the people of Nepal, fighting a brutal monarchy and vehemently oppose the expansionist policies of the Indian government. What happened on Feb. 8 amounts to nothing but crude kidnap and abduction by the GOI as none of the three had any charges against them.

Com. Yadav is a senior member of the CPN(M) and played an important role during the talks that had recently taken place in Kathmandu.





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