Volume 5, No. 2-3, February-March 2004


Press Release: Date 15-2-’04





Joint Call to the Indian Masses by the MCCI and CPI (ML)[People’s War]


Once again the Parliamentary election drama is coming before the Indian masses. And the vultures in the garb of doves, bandicoots in the guise of benefactors of the people, and the worst perpetrators of violence and genocides, are coming to the fore under different party flags and chanting attractive slogans. The fact is, all these parties are birds of the same feather and they use the elections to create the illusion of ‘democracy’ in India. They are only meant to dupe and divert the masses by spending thousands of crores of Rupees sucked from the blood, sweat and tears of oppressed masses.

These elections are taking place in a new situation of worldwide offensive by imperialism, particularly US imperialism, against the revolutionary movements, national liberation struggles and all types of people’ struggles in the name of containing the threat of terrorism in the wake of the September 11 attacks on WTC and Pentagon. This rhetoric against so-called terrorism is directed at the growing people’s upsurge against imperialist globalization and unbridled exploitation of the world people. It is meant to counter the growing rebellions of the oppressed people and oppressed nations all over the globe, which are going to be the dominant feature of this century. The BJP at the Centre and TDP in AP are going for early elections as part of this global campaign against terrorism and are seeking to legitimize their brutal state terror and the pro-imperialist policies of LPG.

Having control on the media, the reactionary ruling classes including the parliamentary left, are trying their level best to boost up the voters in the name of democracy and achievements with stable governance. Actually in our country the parliamentary institutions were not formed through struggle. British imperialists transferred their power to their loyal classes i.e., big comprador and big landlord classes and India was transformed from the status of colony to a semi-colonial, semi-feudal country of neo-colonial type of rule, where people have nominal rights and elections are also a fake exercise to establish the rule of this or that party depending on their money and muscle power.

In the past five years the imperialist puppets like Vajpayee-Advani at the Centre and Chandrababu Naidu in AP, have been in the forefront in promoting the agenda of Libera-lisation, privatization and globalization on the one hand, while carrying on fascist repression to suppress every people’s movement on the other. Likewise, the governments in other states — whether led by the BJP and its allies, Congress, or the revisionist CPI(M) and its partners, are implementing the same policies of selling off the people’s interests to the imperialists most shamelessly, while fattening themselves through massive kickbacks, commissions, and other underhand dealings. Due to the uninterrupted, deep-rooted, all-round crises, the internal contradictions of the ruling classes, dogfights for the control of the loot have also increased a lot. So, this election is going to prove once again, how the opportunistic alliance dramas will be played before the masses.

The BJP government at the Centre and TDP in AP want early poll, in order to legitimize their anti-people policies and state violence. Having lost confidence of getting reelected if held as per schedule, the BJP is desperately trying to utilize the favourable verdict last December when it won 3 assembly elections with considerable majority. In AP, the attack on CM Naidu is sought to be utilised to grab votes in the name of artificially built up sympathy and both these cunning, power-hungry agents of the US forced the country for early poll.

The fascist communal BJP put forth the slogans like the so-called Vikas, stable government under Vajpayee, making India into a superpower and a hype is created about so-called feel good factor. The actual position of the debt/deficit is hidden behind a concocted GDP growth rate. The fact is the fiscal deficit has shot to Rs. 93,656 crores and trade deficit to Rs. 30,300 crores, creating a record. Though Ram Mandir and Hindutva are temporarily relegated to the background, it is clear that the fascist Hindutva forces will implement their real agenda once they come to power. The World Bank stooge and dictator Chandrababu Naidu went a step ahead by declaring Naxalism as his principal agenda in the election, and unleashed a barrage of lies that CPI (ML)[People’s War] has become a hurdle to development. The same type of concocted lies are being floated against MCCI and PW in Jharkhand and all over India. The BJP and TDP are seeking legitimacy for creating the worst ever blood-bath by suppressing the revolutionary movement led by the People’s War party and MCCI after regaining power.

The US imperialism — the No. 1 enemy of the world people — is trying to control the economic resources of the world, and to establish its own supremacy on world market through its military domination. Indian ruling classes, whoever may be in the power at centre and states, have been loyally implementing the dictates of the American imperialists without considering the interests of the people. The US government officially established its FBI office in India and coordinating its South-Asian operations including guiding military and paramilitary operations of the governments against Maoists. Indian government is sending its army in the name of peace-keeping force and other names to safeguard the interests of the imperialists.

The Indian expansionists are wooing the Naresh of Nepal to intervene in its internal matters to crush the Maoist movements surging for wars by violently resisting the counter-revolutionary offensive of the RNA. It was involved in the Bhutan’s matters and conducted ‘Operation Flush Out’ to wipe out parties leading the North-East nationality movements, which are waging a just war for their self-determination. To suppress the just struggle of Kashmir people dozens of people are being killed by the Indian Army. If, we go through the history of India’s Parliament in the past 13 Lok Sabhas, we find how it passed black laws and number of constitutional amendments that gave more teeth to the rulers to curb the mass resistance to the anti people’s policies of the Central and state governments. The deputy Prime Minister declared recently that left extremism is the main danger to the country’s internal security, that government will take the steps at par with Kashmir and will take the burden of the expenditure incurred by the state governments. Apart from this all other movements waged against LPG and other anti-people policies of central and state governments and the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal struggles are facing police lathis and bullets. The people know very well, that the repression is the reality and vikas is a hoax.

In the history of the Indian Communist movement, the CPI and CPI (M) betrayed the aspirations of the oppressed masses of India and joined the ranks of ruling classes, and are also in the forefront in attacking the revolutionary movement. The CPI (M) revisionists, like all social fascists, have unleashed a brutal offensive using the state machinery as well as their party goons against the revolutionaries in Bengal. While crying hoarse about the BJP’s fascist agenda, these social fascists have no qualms in begging for help from the Centre for the blood-bath they are planning to unleash once again.

Participating in the elections as tactics, so-called ML parties are confining themselves to the parliamentary pig sty. Some parties like Liberation and New Democracy joined in the ranks of revisionism. The entire practice of the class struggle proved that boycotting elections is the only correct path in the Indian context. There is no other alternative but to overthrow this cancer-effected system, through people’s war. And the oppressed people can achieve this by having their own people’s army.

Till today land question is not resolved and majority of the peasantry has no land. Workers have no work or guarantee to their job and the overwhelming majority of the masses has no livelihood or any basic amenities. Pauperization of the vast majority of the peasantry and mass suicides have become the common phenomenon. People are increasingly realizing that they have no other alternative but revolution. Repression cannot break the determination and courage of the struggling people. Protracted people’s war is the only path to seize the political power, whereas parliamentary path is not the solution for the oppressed masses and nationalities.

Today people’s war is advancing in various states, where toiling masses are waging war against the semi-colonial, semi-feudal system. Armed agrarian struggles are advancing, showing the alternative path to the parliamentary path in Andhra Pradesh, Dandakaranya, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisghar, Orissa, West Bengal, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Assam etc. These areas are transforming as models to the revolutionary masses who are enjoying alternative people’s power in some parts of the above areas, where guerrilla struggle and guerrilla Army has developed to a considerable extent. We appeal to the workers, peasantry, intellectuals, women and other patriotic toiling masses to boycott the fake elections and to join the revolutionary movement to overthrow the three big mountains weighing down the Indian people and to establish a New Democratic India. This is the only means to ensure real freedom democracy and political power to the oppressed people of India.

Revolution is the main trend in the world today. Dare to fight, Dare to win, and the final victory is our


Central Committee

Maoist Communist Centre of India


Central Committee

CPI(ML)[People’s War]




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