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July-August 2006

Vol. 7, No. 6




Commemorate Martyrís week countrywide

Our Homage to Martyrís



The Philippines : Killing fields of Asia



Uphold the Theoretical Weapon of Proletarian Dictatorship



Dismantling of PDS  - Another Imperialist decision

Deliberate misleading Official estimates of Poverty


Special Report:

Reservation and Upper Class Backlash

Interview :

"There is need for caution with the present tactics" : An Interview with the Spoksperson of CPI(Maoist) on Nepal Development



Imperialist MNCs and their Indian agents get out of India

R(E)volution of a Child  revolutionaries

Repression and Heroic Resistance in DK


Letter from Battle field:

Deploying Army in the role of Police





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