Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding

Publications about China in the Maoist Era

      The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding is a friendship association of people in Britain toward China. It was founded on May 15, 1965, and in its early years it was sympathetic to the Chinese Revolution and socialism. Its early leaders included Dr. Joseph Needham and Prof. Joan Robinson. When the capitalist-roaders seized control of the Communist Party of China and China as a whole after Mao’s death, SACU was soon won over to support the new revisionist political line. And after China completed its transition back to captialism, SACU also continued to support it. [This non-revolutionary SACU still exists and now has a website at:] But the early publications of SACU during the Mao era are still of interest, in part as a reflection of how Maoist views were seen and understood in Britain at that time.

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