Anglo-Chinese Educational Institute

Pamphlets and documents about China in the Maoist Era

      The Anglo-Chinese Education Institute was an organization which promoted the serious and sympathetic study of modern China, though its overall political perspective was never that of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Its three Trustees as of 1972 were Joseph Needham, the famous scholar of the development of science and technology in Chinese history; Joan Robinson, a prominent liberal Keynesian economist with sympathies for Maoist economics; and Mary Adams.

      We believe that the ACEI was either the same organization, or else closely associated with, the “Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding” (SACU), which still exists and has a website at: Further background about the SACU is available on the Wikipedia at:   Of course, like most other “China friendship organizations” of that era, the political line of SACU has changed away from the serious revolutionary interest of the early years toward sympathy with the revisionist and then openly capitalist country that China turned into later.

      Visitors to this web site, of course, are most interested in the early materials from the Maoist era. The ACEI published a series of interesting pamphlets on modern China, a journal called China Now, and in other ways promoted the study of Chinese society.

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“Modern China Series” of Pamphlets:

China Now Journal: