Academic and/or Bourgeois Foreign Commentary on China During the Mao Era

Books, Pamphlets, Documents, Magazines, Articles, etc.

      This page makes available an assortment of books, pamphlets and articles about China during the Mao era which were prepared by a diverse variety of academics, bourgeois ideologists, U.S. government agencies such as the CIA and the like. Some of these materials are copyrighted; however, we are only posting such materials here which are already available elsewhere on the Internet in places such as Since all of these materials are now quite dated, it is very unlikely that the authors and publishers will ever again republish them. However, if the copyright holders object to their being posted here, we will of course remove those items.

      Our purpose in posting these items here—despite their general academic and/or bourgeois nature—is that they may still have some useful specialized information in them as well, which is not easily available elsewhere. In addition it is sometimes of interest to see how academic and bourgeois writers portray China and its great revolution.

      If you have access to other appropriate materials which can and should be posted here, please contact us at:

General Works on China and the Chinese Revolution:

Other Materials:

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